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Artificial Intelligence

Ode is dedicated to advancing the field of AI, with a specific focus on environmental applications. By integrating artificial intelligence, particularly foundation models and vector search databases, we uncover complex patterns in environmental data, rendering it actionable and widely accessible.

Our team of AI research engineers develops innovative methodologies that not only simplify the interpretation of AI outputs but also contribute to the broader knowledge base in AI research. This commitment to innovation ensures that our solutions are at the forefront of AI advancements and able to create a significant impact on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Earth Observation

Ode has specific expertise in direct Earth observation, harnessing mainly satellite imagery to track and report environmental changes. We have developed methods to manage and analyze large volumes of satellite imagery, extracting useful and valuable insights from the unique patterns present in satellite views of the Earth.

Our work makes satellite imagery — a consistent, globally comparable source of information — more accessible and useful for monitoring, reporting, and verifying environmental change. We leverage the intrinsic structure of satellite imagery to extract more subtle patterns in the data than generally available through creative or tech agencies.

Food & Agriculture

The Ode Food and Agriculture practice aims to support a growing community working to make food and agriculture a transformative climate solution. Well crafted climate solutions from food and agriculture will help us achieve our goals on global temperature, adaptation, super-pollutants, energy transition, and deforestation. They also can and must support nutrition, nature, rural livelihoods, and public health.

Having helped elevate food on the international climate agenda, we now have our eyes set on ambitious goals for the immediate future. These include mobilizing finance and other resources for food systems and climate, building partnerships to accelerate food and climate solutions, and scaling AI for food and climate.

“It's time we recognize that the key to solving environmental injustice rests in the hands of the people most impacted.”

Portrait of  Bryce Cracknell
Bryce Cracknell / Founder and Executive Editor of The Margin

Data Storytelling

Ode’s environmental data scientists ensure that nothing of substance gets lost in translation between the data and the user experience. By applying advances in artificial intelligence to environmental data, we create the information that powers products, and we work with our partner clients to communicate it in a way that lands. We build interactive data visualizations as well as data platforms and technological infrastructure to organize information, inform audiences, and promote justice.

Sustainable finance

Ode specializes in sustainable finance, utilizing the intersectional expertise in finance, technology, and environmental study to channel more investments into the preservation and restoration of nature. Our approach identifies and amplifies the market value in maintaining and rejuvenating ecosystems, showing how environmental conservation can align with financial gain.

This strategy not only seeks to boost funding for sustainability projects but also underlines the economic advantages of ecological stewardship. By demonstrating compelling rates of return on natural capital investment, we use the power of market forces to advocate for environmental preservation.

Product Design

Ode has deep experience in bringing new digital products to life. We work collaboratively with our client partners to go from zero to one by employing tight feedback loops, constant iteration, careful planning, and a mix of creative, technical, and strategic capabilities. These capabilities cut across strategy, design, and development. Examples include product strategy, content strategy, user experience design, visual design, user interface design, interaction design, web and mobile development, messaging and narrative development.

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