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Carbon Mapper

The team at Carbon Mapper, a nonprofit led by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, came to us to co-create a complex data platform and make it easy to use.
Client Carbon Mapper Inc.
Years 2022-2024
Expertise Data Visualization Interactive Design User Experience Design Web Development

The scientists at Carbon Mapper are experts in methane emissions data. They identify, quantify, and attribute large point sources of emissions globally, and they generate actionable insights to support a range of stakeholders.

For this reason, they needed not just another academic data visualization. They needed more punch. They needed to tell stories with data.


Carbon Mapper’s open portal is designed not only to facilitate informed decision making to mitigate emissions, but also to support organizations in building their own applications for a range of users, from landfill operators to policymakers.


“Ode is a force multiplier for our go-to-market strategy and a true extension of our team.”

Alex Diamond / Product Director, Carbon Mapper

Through a year-long iterative design process, we built a product that incorporates a large volume of data — thousands of plumes every week. Packaging and displaying the data is a continuous process. We collect user feedback to inform the design of new tools and features.

Sharing accessible and accurate emissions data is one of Carbon Mapper’s differentiators.

Visualizing that data has been key to making their open-source platform easy to use and accessible to partners such as Rocky Mountain Institute, Planet Labs, and the Global Methane Pledge.

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