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partnering for the planet

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We partner on early-stage digital products and platforms for environmental impact.

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Climate TRACE

Artificial Intelligence
Product Design
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Oceans Futures

Earth Observation
Sustainable Finance
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Carbon Mapper

Earth Observation
Product Design
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The Margin

Data Storytelling

“Mesmerizing and intuitive data”

David Wallace-Wells


Elemental Accelerator
Climate Trace


With expertise across climate, nature, and sustainability, we ensure that every project is future-proof.


“We work with partners to make sure nothing gets lost in translation between data and storytelling. We build things that matter for the environment.”

Portrait of Dan Hammer
Dan Hammer / Co-founder
Ode is a group of scientists, strategists, designers, and engineers.

With decades of experience at organizations such as NASA, the White House, and Google X, you can count on us to assemble the best team for your project and tackle problems collaboratively.
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