Team - Ode Partners

Ode is a group of scientists, strategists, designers, and engineers.

Our team members bring deep experience in data and design as well as expertise in various climate sectors, from food and agriculture to earth observation.

With decades of experience at organizations such as NASA, the White House, and Google X, you can count on us to assemble the best team for your project and tackle problems collaboratively.

Managing Partners

Dan Hammer
Managing Partner
Dan is an environmental economist and the inaugural winner of the Pritzker Award. As a National Geographic Fellow and former Senior Policy Advisor to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer in the Obama Administration, he played pivotal roles in data infrastructure design for NASA, Google X, XPRIZE and the World Resources Institute.
Stephen Downs
Managing Partner
Stephen has spearheaded teams in crafting award-winning digital products for renowned brands including Pepsi, J&J, Citigroup, and the NFL. He has directed digital strategy for esteemed organizations such as the University of California, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, The Smithsonian, and the Council on Foreign Relations.
Łukasz Knasiecki
Managing Partner, Europe
Lukasz is an experienced engineering leader with over three decades of expertise in developing cutting-edge interactive tools. He has spearheaded teams in successfully delivering projects for prestigious institutions such as Harvard University, the Washington Post, and the Obama Foundation.
Arek Romański
Managing Partner, Europe
As the design leader and co-founder of Ode Europe, Arek brings over two decades of expertise that have garnered more than 40 accolades, including Cannes Lions, Webby, and Clio awards.

“As designers, our aim is to structure data into information, educate audiences, advocate for justice, mitigate the dire effects of climate change, and design solutions that prioritize harmony with nature.”

Portrait of Stephen Downs
Stephen Downs / Co-founder


Megan Ahearn
Partner, Operations
Avery Cohn
Partner, Food & Agriculture
Magda Gauger
Mason Grimshaw
Data Science
Martyna Gołębiewska
Nakisa Kashanian
Program Management
Francesca Macchiavello
Sustainable Finance
Scott Quill
Brand and Narrative
Alex Safchuk
Partner, Experience Design
Mikołaj Szczepkowski
Partner, Software Development
Daniel Woźniak
Software Development

Join our team of scientists, strategists, designers, and engineers working on every continent.

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