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Oceans Futures

The world’s leading conservation organization came to us with a big idea to enable more peaceful and prosperous oceans.
Client WWF
Years 2023
Expertise Oceans Sustainability

With conflict over fish increasing as a result of climate-driven fish migration, there’s a need for action that is bold, preventative, and cooperative. Data drives action.

But data around ocean conflict, climate conditions, and the movement of fish has never been integrated, visualized, and presented in a way that effectively informs decision-makers — until now.

We started by collaborating on the data story and overall narrative. We wanted to lay out a compelling product vision to help build consensus, internally and with partners. Pitch decks, case studies, and other materials helped unlock the potential to create a first-of-its-kind platform.

“The animations got us the ‘oh wow’ moment we wanted.”

Sarah Glaser / Senior Director, World Wildlife Fund

Our team met with scientists and analysts, fishery and policy managers, and other stakeholders to learn about their needs, test ideas, and co-create a product roadmap that would support a range of end-user goals, from combating illegal fishing to helping make fisheries more resilient.

From there, we employed tight feedback loops and rapid iteration to build a web and mobile experience for Oceans Futures.

video poster
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Cameroon | 9° 45.496 N 4° 3.058 E
How illegal fishing off Cameroon’s coast worsens maritime security
Spratly Islands, South China Sea | 115° 49.5 N 10° 44.268 E
China using civilian ships to enhance navy capability
Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia | 130° 30.24 N -0° 55.649 W
Fisher groups are the marine militia in Indonesia’s war on illegal fishing
Sri Lanka | 80° 44.142 N 7° 34.119 E
Fights over illegal fishing lead to armed conflict, deaths
Punto Fijo, Venezuela | -70° 10.872 S 11° 42.768 E
How Fake GPS Coordinates Are Leading to Lawlessness on the High Seas
Galápagos Islands, Galápagos Province of Ecuador | -90° 26.106 S -0° 16.72 W
B-1B Bombers Are Hunting Illegal Fishing Boats Off South America
China | 116° 24.48 N 39° 54.978 E
A Fleet Prone to Captive Labor and Plunder
This platform brings together data that has never been integrated, actionable, or accessible by national security, seafood markets, and conservation sectors.

With WWF scientists, we brought together more than a dozen datasets on conflict, fish migration, and context-setting to model the conflict risk for 200 exclusive economic zones (EEZs are zones where the U.S. and other coastal nations have jurisdiction over natural resources). This work involved collecting, organizing, analyzing, and visually breathing life into data to tell a story.

With COP28 in sight, we supported the go-to-market launch strategy on social media with creative assets to drive awareness of the connections between national security and ocean conservation.

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